Invoice factoring and accounts receivables management from Capital Funding Solutions, this business funding stategy provides working capital and cash flow for on-going company operations.

Business Financing from Capital Funding Solutions
Capital Funding Solutions is an invoice factoring company that can provide you with the working capital and cash flow you need to help your business expand, or provide the cash funding now until your clients pay their bills. With a loan, you are obligated to make interest and principal payments long after your funding needs have been met. By utilizing Capital Funding Solutions as your invoice factoring company, you can receive funds for your invoices in advance and without interest penalties.

Relative to business financial factoring, our customer's best interest will always come first. We are dedicated to a reputation of honesty and trust in the business financing industry, while being aggressive in purpose to seek funding solutions for our clients.

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Why Work With Capital Funding Solutions?

Listening and responding cost-effectively and efficiently to our factoring clients’ needs with the most professional business finance personnel in the industry is a CFS hallmark. This is a simple concept, yet it’s one that so few financial institutions bother to consider.

Furthermore, at CFS we strive to work and partner with you to grow your business, not only by providing flexible sales-driven funding, but also by nurturing relationships with your accounts receivables clients. In this regard, we always treat them respectfully and professionally while minimizing our contact.

Each of our accounts receivables clients has truly benefited from its funding partnership with CFS.

Accounts receivable factoring is our primary business. However, as our invoice factoring clients’ needs change so does CFS. When appropriate, we develop a combination of programs that ultimately provide our client:

As you search for the firm to meet your company’s cash flow and working capital needs, consider the numerous competitive advantages that CFS brings you:

You Keep More Money and Increase your Cash Flow

Pricing on a 5-day fee schedule, not a 30-day "prepayment" arrangement as is common with most other factors
Initial advance rate of up to 85% of eligible invoices, with no "permanent" reserve
You’re encouraged to let invoices mature and then factor
You pay for the funds used, when used
You may acquire back A/R at any point in time to further reduce your funding costs
Immediate funds are wired into your account next day
Flexible Sales-driven Funding and Invoice Factoring
 No personal guarantees required if non-recourse strategy selected
No minimum monthly or annual funding requirements
No requirement to factor all invoices
 No geographical limits
No long term contracts; 90-day right by either party to cancel
You select the invoices and amount of funding you need, when you need it
Fees based on your client’s credit and set in advance
No Unusual Fee Gouging  
No monthly service fees, origination fees, renewal fees, cancellation fees, termination or prepayment penalty fees
No liquidated "damage" penalties  
No "Deposit" for our Due Diligence efforts  
Our only fee is a nominal wire transfer fee  
Significant No-Cost Benefits  
24/7 online access to your reports to view all aspects of accounts receivables management
Credit reports on current and potential clients  
Useful Other Services  
Non-recourse and recourse factoring services – you select the strategy  
Purchase Order Funding  
Let us add you as a satisfied invoice factoring client today!

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