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Business Notes

What is a Business Note?

These are notes created when a business owner sells their business using owner financing. It is much more difficult to get a bank loan for the purchase of a small business than it is to get a loan for a home. Businesses have a historically high failure rate, and many do not own enough collateral to satisfy a bank loan.

Sellers usually have no choice but to offer financing. They accept a cash down payment for part of the sale, and a promissory note for the balance.

Sometimes the seller is perfectly content to receive the payments over 3, 5, or more years. More often, they have needs for the cash today or tire of the hassle collecting payments.

Eligible Businesses include, but are not limited to:
  Medical Practices
  Liquor Stores
  Convenience Stores
  Gas Stations
  Auto Repair Shops 
  Dry cleaners/laundries 
  Hair, Nail and Day Salons 
  Various Service Industries

Turn your future note payments into immediate cash today . . .

8 Top Reasons Clients Choose to Sell Their Notes

To have the capital to start their next project

Fund college tuition

Take a dream vacation

Purchase a home, car, boat or plane

Eliminate debt

Enhance their investment portfolio

Eliminate the hassle and worry of collecting payments

Typical Business Note Buying Criteria
  "First" position as lien holder 
  Substantial down payment (usually 30% minimum) 
  "Seasoning" (3- 4 payments made already)  
  Buyer's previous experience in business 
  Buyer has good credit 

While these are typical criteria desired, each transaction will be considered on it's own terms and strengths.  Every note is reviewed on an individual basis.

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