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Factoring Receivables and AR Financing
Never let a lack of working capital slow your business down again . . .

Accounts Receivable funding or Factoring is designed for businesses that want to improve their cash flow by not waiting 30,60, 90 days for a customer to pay. Factoring is used in almost every industry today involving business-to-business or business-to-government transactions.

What is Factoring?
Factoring is not a loan and differs from institutional lending or bank borrowing in that your A/R (invoices) are sold at a discount rather than merely offered as collateral. It's the same concept as offering a discount for early payment of your invoice (2% 10, Net 30 days), only now your money typically in 24 hours and it doesn't depend on if your client decides to pay early.

New businesses and fast growing companies have a huge demand for cash flow and working capital. And chances are their A/R is growing faster than their cash flow. Until growth levels off, they can never catch up, and worse yet are unable to grow to their full business potential.


Do you operate a profitable business that is occasionally short of cash?
Is too much of your money tied up in 30, 45, 60 day terms to your customers?
Would your business benefit from a "credit line" based on your receivables (and no other collateral) which you could draw upon when needed?
Now, companies can have access to the working capital they need for growth or survival. Even if your bank has told you no.

We offer:
Flexible and SIMPLIFIED funding programs
Easy applications
Quick approvals
Advantages of Factoring
. Fast & Easy - Initial funding in 2 - 4 business days
Ongoing funding can be done in 24 hours
Based on your customer's creditworthiness - not yours
No long-term contracts are required
Flexible - you choose which invoices you offer for sale
You can use the money however you want
Unlimited source of operating cash - grows as sales grow

How does Accounts Receivables Management work?
Once your account has been opened, the following steps are the typical scenario:
1. An invoice is created for goods or services delivered.
2. A copy of the invoice is submitted via fax or email.
3. The factor makes sure your customer is creditworthy, willing and able to pay the invoice when due.
4. Cash advance (usually 60 - 85%) is wired to you. (Note-your cash advance percentage will be pre-determined based on your actual funding needs)
5. Factor does administrative work of collecting payment, accounting, etc.
6. Payment is remitted to factor, via PO box, when due.
7. Balance is remitted to you, less the discount fee. (Note-your discount fee will be pre-determined with quote)

What does it cost?

Discount rates and advance amounts are established by a combination of the following: monthly volume, your customer's credit worthiness, invoice sizes, and average payment cycle.

The submission of a simple 2-page application along with your A/R aging report will allow us to quote you a discount rate & the percentage of your invoices that will be advanced.

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