Invoice factoring and accounts receivables management from Capital Funding Solutions, this business funding stategy provides working capital and cash flow for on-going company operations.

Capital Funding Solutions announces the creation of
strategic business units to better service small and medium business:

 Capital Funding Solutions has identified the primary reasons why todays small businesses struggle to obtain the financing necessary to grow their business and has developed products and solutions to help them achieve their potential.

As companies look for new ways to improve their operations, enhance their revenue, drive down costs and overhead, Capital Funding Solutions is poised to bring multi-faceted solutions to companies in need of accelerating their growth in a controlled environment.

Supplier Guarantee Funding, An Alternative to Purchase Order Financing
With a Supplier Guarantee, the business gains:

Financing to support greater growth and fluctuations in business expenses as a result.
Additional early Payment discounts from suppliers, since in most cases, the supplier is paid much sooner than ever before
Greater access to suppliers worldwide.
Increased focus to generate new revenues and growing the company, knowing that CFS accurate tracking, reporting, collection and payment procedures keeps them fully up to date.


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